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Find Relief in Plano, TX, with Root Canal Therapy

An infected root canal and the soft inner tissue can cause severe pain and endanger the welfare of your oral health. If it’s left untreated, the infection can spread to the gums and other tissue, causing an abscess that poses a risk to your overall health. At Legacy West Dental, we help our patients find relief from discomfort and save their teeth with root canal therapy. Many people feel anxious about receiving root canal therapy because of the fear of severe pain during the procedure. You can rest assured that root canal therapy has advanced over the years into a simple procedure that causes little discomfort, especially when compared to the pain you feel from an infected tooth. Our professional staff will gently resolve your infected tissue so you can return to pain-free daily life.

The Root Canal Therapy Procedure

As dental professionals, we care about your comfort and welfare. When an infection in your root canal causes pain and possible tooth loss, root canal therapy relieves the pain and saves the tooth. The procedure is relatively painless, but you might feel some discomfort following treatment. This is typically manageable with ordinary painkillers. We’ve outlined the procedure for root canal therapy:

Step 1

We start by numbing the affected area with a local anesthetic, which prevents you from feeling pain during the procedure.

Step 2

Using a dental drill, we create an opening in the top of your tooth to access the inner chamber and root canals, which house the infected tissue. The tooth pulp, consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissue, is removed, and we shape the walls of the root canals.

Step 3

The dentist then flushes out the debris from your root canals using a bleach solution, which eradicates bacteria and disinfects the inside of your tooth. In some cases, we may use additional cleaning or disinfecting agents.

Step 4

After cleaning out the root canals and inner chamber, the dentist fills them with gutta-percha. This is a soft, rubbery material that effectively reseals the inside of the tooth.

Step 5

Once the inside of the tooth is filled, we perform a buildup to fill the hole created in the top of the tooth, and then we cover the tooth with a crown restoration to restore your bite and appearance. The crown also seals out any chance of bacteria and other contaminants getting in your treated tooth, thus eliminating the risk of further infection.

Come to Legacy West Dental for Quality Dental Care

Legacy West Dental has helped countless patients find relief from their tooth infections with root canal therapy. Let our dentists save your tooth and protect your oral health at our office in Plano, TX. We’re ready to serve you with quality dental care.

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis, Dr. Critz or Dr. Holmes, call our office today. We look forward to meeting you!

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