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Dental Bridges to Fix Plano, TX, Tooth Loss

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, the effects go beyond aesthetic concerns. The absence of a tooth allows the surrounding teeth to shift out of position, which causes problems with your bite and a higher chance of decay and other issues. However, tooth loss doesn’t mean the end of a perfect smile and good oral health. Legacy West Dental helps patients in Frisco and Plano, TX, resolve their missing teeth with custom-made dental bridges. A bridge is a restorative device comprised of a metal dental appliance that holds one or more artificial teeth, as well as a dental crown that attaches to the adjacent remaining teeth. After installing a bridge, you regain the appearance and function of a full mouth of teeth again, and your surrounding teeth will stay in place.

bridge diagram

The Process of Placing a Dental Bridge

At Legacy West Dental, we take pride in the exceptional service we provide for every treatment. Restoring your smile and bite after tooth loss takes expert skill and precise measurements to ensure a restorative appliance fits comfortably. With bridges, we use only top-quality materials to create your restoration, and our commitment to quality extends to placing your new bridge with professional results. To help you understand the process of placing a dental bridge, we’ve summarized the steps:

Step 1

During your first visit, we prepare the adjacent teeth for the crowns to hold a bridge in place. We remove some of the enamel and dentin to reshape the teeth and make room for the crowns.

Step 2

After reshaping the adjacent teeth, we make impressions of them to serve as a model for the dental laboratory to create the bridge, crowns, and false teeth. As the bridge is being created, we help you protect your exposed teeth with a temporary dental bridge.

Step 3

When you come for your second visit, we remove the temporary bridge and check the permanent bridge to make any necessary adjustments for a precise fit. You may need more than one additional visit for us to check and adjust your bite and the fit of the metal framework.

Step 4

If we’re placing a fixed or permanent bridge, we may cement it in place temporarily for a couple of weeks to ensure it fits properly.

Step 5

After that time, we permanently cement the bridge in place to restore your bite and appearance.

Contact Legacy West Dental to Restore Your Smile

The dental team at our Plano, TX, office wants to help you restore your smile after you’ve lost one or more teeth due to decay, trauma, or other reasons. You don’t have to live with gaps in your teeth. Let Legacy West Dental provide the professional dental care you need to chew, speak, and smile normally again.

For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Davis or Dr. Critz, call our office today. We look forward to meeting you!

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